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M Space

2018 - School Project

 M Space is a meditation centre designed to be located on Margate’s pier. With the calming environment, M Space aims to enhance users’ physical senses to help them slow done their thoughts by creating an undisturbed space with soft geometries and using water as filtered lens to temporally block the modern world filled with information.


According to the research results, Londoners are still the biggest group of potential customers.

By analyzing the data and interviewing Londoners,

the directions are narrowed down relaxing activities close to the sea.


By comparing all the suitable activities from both physiology and psychology, Meditation shows up as the most ideal one.


There is not only a perfect environment but also a rich historical culture of


in Margate.

01APR20-M-best choices2@4x.png



Design an experience of breathing meditation for every visitors to refresh both their minds and bodies.


For creating a relaxing and welcoming space, I learnt from the architecture master, Gaudí, to design everything from Margate local natures.

3-M space-Margate.jpg

Be free to download the whole 40-page portfolio if you found it's interesting and want to check more details of the design process.


1- Find a Quite Space

2- Turn the voice on

(of your device)

3 -Scan the QR Code

or Click the link

4 - Experience the Space Design by VR / on your phone

5 - Tryout a three-min meditation following the voice guidance. 

02APR20-margate scan-3x.png

If you don't have time to check it out now, no worries. Here is the story boards of the experience in M space

4-M space-Margate.jpg


M Plan is aiming to strengthen  the connection between visitors and Margate by exposure Margate to users everyday in a meditation app.


To build Margate

as a



6-M space-Margate.jpg

All the pictures and sounds in this app are collected from Margate.

6-M space-Margate.jpg

Thank you for your viewing!

I hope you enjoyed the meditation experience and found a bit more peaceful from this project.

Please be free to leave a comment!

I appreciate any suggestions and your help in supporting me to do a better job!

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