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Pet thinking



我们励志最用最“宠”性化的思维为每一个动物带去最宠爱的医疗服务, 以动物的思维与动物互动。

Pet Thinking, a young but professional brand of pet hospital. Aiming to use "Pet-centric" thinking to treat every little life and interacting with your little one(s) by their way.


" Hi, Yifei. 

I'm opening a new pet hospital. Could you do the logo design for it in one month? Also the application of the logo on the business card and frontface of the store  ."

"Do you want to have a VI design for your new brand?"It would be very useful for the other designs in the future

" No thanks, maybe later, we are budgeted with the design project at this stage..."

By communicating with the client about what did she really want and confirming I'm understanding it right, we go a consensus on the project.

Sure, np. Just the LOGO DESIGN, right?

Tell me more about your business, please."

I want to make it the as cosiest brand in Pet Hospital filed. We want to make friends with all of our customers, both humans and pets...

persona quote@4x.png
persona quote@4x.png

For creating sustainable brand value, I interviewed a few targeted users to figure out their favours and fears of pet hospital.

Top Favours:

1- Professional

2- Love pets

3- Experienced

Top Fears:  

1- Abuse my pet

2- Unreasonable Price

3- Not Professional 

Branding Value Priority:

Love & Care

Professionalisms & Trustable

Mission:  Treating every little life with love and their own way of interacting.

Vision: Build strong connections with every customer and make an active community base on the pet hospital.

Value:  Offer services that differentiate from normal pet hospitals in China and a thoughtful "宠“ lifestyle. 



宠           思 维

Pet/Spoil          Thinking/Mindset

Brand Name:


It's a bi-meaning name, which not only contains the meaning of thinking from pets' perspectives but also means the mindset of spoiling/love.

thinking icon@4x.png
资源 4@4x.png

Logo Design

The doggy nose is combined with the shape of the stethoscope.

C, S, W are the initials of 宠思维 in Chinese Pinyin.

The logo is designed in a very welcoming and fresh style for showing the brand value of love and care.

vi 颜色@4x.png

VI Colour

For balancing the sense of friendly and professional, the VI colours are designed with serious feelings.



One month later...

The customer ordered a few more design works

for the pet hospital.


Price List Design:

宠位表 is different from normal price list (价位表).

In this poster,

I used 宠 (pet & spoil) 

instead of 价 (price) in the title.

The little change creates more connection with readers but not confuse them, which got really good feedback from the real customers.

Handouts Design of New Year Coupons for

Local Community Plan

It's an event that designed for 100 exclusive customers to share with another 400 pet lovers. 


Idiom Quote:

“You are my favorite DOG FRIEND! ”

Poetry Quote:

“I passed by you while walking dogs hundreds times, 

just for giving you this big gift! ”

lyrics Quote:

“Dogs we walked together

on those bygone years”

There are four deputy coupons along with the main one. 

The front face of each coupon is designed like a postcard with funny quotes. It is designed to be shared with friends easily.


Poster Design of TikTok event

With the trend of clips, TikTok has been a dominant social media in China which becomes a essential way of promotion and online marketing for every business.

tik tok@4x.png

Create Clips

(Unlimited Entries)

Contains the scene of CSW

Post it on TikTop

with #CSW#

Redeem greater gifts with more exposures

The poster is designed with a promotion strategy  on TikTok, which encourages users to participate with filming and promoting their own clips by great rewards.


Thank you for your viewing!

I hope you like the "Pet-centric" principle of this business and the concept of building a strong community in this project

Please be free to leave a comment!

I appreciate any suggestions and your help in supporting me to do a better job!

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