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Four little Yifei

Yifei Wu

Professional in graphic & branding design in the property industry and specialist in marketing to Chinese buyers.

Yifei is a designer with an entrepreneurial spirit,

who is happy to deal with any challenges with a can-do attitude.

She was working in R&F Groups UK and took charge of brand Identity design for R&F’s sub-brand that faces younger buyers. WeChat Public Account VI & layout design. In the meantime, her design for supported marketing events & campaigns, which includes EDMs, brochures, branding decorations for events, powerpoints, exhibition collateral and displays, corporate, etc.


 Her easy-going personality is able to support the teamwork could be done efficiently and joyfully.

Adverts, Gifts

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Identity and Press Kit Design

All-Star League UK is a sub-brand leaning to R&F Group UK, which is facing the Chinese students studying in the UK and promoting the concept of buying for Uni.

We have written more than 100 articles about living in London with an OTC (One Thame City) lifestyle over the past one and a half years.

Scan the QR code on WeChat to check out the Publicat Account on WeChat:

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R&F Sub-Brand

Identity and Press Kit Design

Education Kit

A handbook of schools and universities near One Thame City Project, which shows the rich educational resource around the apartments to Chinese buyers who are not familiar with London.

R&F Sub-Brand

Identity and Press Kit Design

Window Viewbook
Design & Photography

A handbook of the window view from One Thame City building No.8.

It's a clear supporting tool book for the sales to communicate with the clients with real photos but not only imagination.

OTC Lifestyle Guidebook

There are three volumes in this guide, which cover the food, drink, and entertainment, education, medical, and sports health recommendations in the Lambeth area.


DIgital Contents

​WeChat Article & Animation Design
EDM Layout
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