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Four little Yifei

Yifei Wu

A Creator with Design Thinking

Hi, I’m Yifei Wu.

A Chinese girl from Product Design BA, Central Saint Martins.

Along with product design, I did many graphic designs, accessory designs and crafts with my own passion.

If I decide to do something, I will try my best to do it.

As I think the time is limited, once I spend time on something, I’ll make it worthy.


我没有将获得意大利A Design设计奖的作品(艺术品交易平台APP设计)放在这,因为我对该作品的UI设计并不不满意。



​Branding & Strategy

To build a cosy and high-connecting community for an individual et hospital.

Experience of Unboxing

Package design to reveal the real value of a niche brand that offers top-quality saffrons.


Design a new product for NIO Life in the Chinese market and be ready for being manufactured.

Experience Design

Create an experience for refreshing the tourists on Margate "pier" and revive Margate as a great weekend choice for Londoners.